Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fruit Trifle

fruit trifle

Here’s something sweet and simple for the first recipe.

You would find this dessert familiar if you have ever got invited to a desi lunch/dinner! I whip this cool dessert up quite often whenever there’s a special occasion or even when there is no occasion! An all time hit with both the adults and kids!

You will need:

Any rich cake, sliced and enough to cover the base of your glass bowl/dish

A can of Tropical fruit cocktail (drained)


Ingredients for custard:

1 litre fresh milk

4 tbsp custard powder

3 – 4 tbls sugar (according to your taste)

A few drops of flavoring/coloring of your choice

- Mix the custard powder with a cup of the milk and leave aside.

- In a pot, bring the remaining milk and sugar to a boil. Add the custard mixture into the milk and keep stirring. Once the mixture is bubbling, turn off the fire and add your flavoring/coloring.

At this stage you can also taste the sugar and adjust accordingly.

Let the custard cool, stirring it every now and then to prevent it from setting in the pot.

The fun part, Layering the Trifle:

- Start the first layer by arranging the slices of cake in your glass bowl/dish.

- Pour the warm custard over the cake, followed by canned fruits as the top layer.

I like to keep the trifle simple but you can add more layers if you wish. Jellies and whipped cream are various other ideas for additional layers. You can even repeat the layers of cake, custard and fruit if you are using a smaller and deeper dish.



You can also serve the trifle in individual servings for a more presentable look. In above picture, I used slices of the swiss roll cake and served the trifle in wine glasses. It’s really up to your creativity and imagination people!

In addition to the canned fruit cocktail I threw in chunks of fresh strawberries for added flavor. You can even forgo the canned fruits and cut your own combination of fresh fruits if you are not lazy like me!

Do experiment with various combinations of flavors too, it’s really fun to mix and match! I’ve tried the following combo:

Banana cake with vanilla custard

Strawberry/blueberry cake with blueberry custard

Vanilla/Chocolate cake with banana custard

Chocolate cake with strawberry custard and an additional layer of banana custard

The possibilities are neverrrrr-ending!

This is one dish no one can ever go wrong with.


  1. sometimes it tastes so much better when somebody else whipped it up for you! hehehee....

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I agree with Mrs Umer though, LOL :D

    And I like how you got creative with those wine glasses. I'll try that :)

  3. Nice one Nisa... sure looks yummylicious esp when put into the glass...!!!